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An Autonomous institute Under the Public Trust Act & Enrolled In C . R. Act- 1957 (MHRD ) ,GOVT. OF INDIA

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About Indian Standard Computer Education

Indian Standard Computer Education (ISCE)has been registered under the public Trust Act & Enrolled in C.R.Act - 1957(MHRD),Govt. of India.

The main function of the society is to provide higher technical education in nominal charges for every group of society of Urban & Rural areas all over India and get success in computer revolution which is the main dream of Indian Govt.

Our Trust decided to work in "Information & Technology for all" given the slogan by the Indian Govt. For formulating the dream of Indian Govt. and fulfill the requirement of employment of 22 Lac in I.T. Technologist and more than other 10 Lac ancillary requirement of computer operator/specialist in industrial development, small scale industries, our society make an important role in the Council .

Now a days, there is a scarcity to find the short term courses with the flexibility so that the working class could be benefitted and improve their understanding and ultimately contribute in the National development & skills with more confidence and dignity.

ISCE Focused on main objective:- To general environment opportunities for its student by preventing the best designed job oriented courses and jobs. Computer Literacy to every eligible candidate of the country.

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Welcome to Indian Standard Computer Education

I welcome cordially to all the students, guardians, Franchises, Patrons & all the Indians in the World of Indian Standard Computer Education (ISCE). Indian Standard Computer Education (ISCE) is A Govt. Register Trust & authorized institute by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), govt. of India. The main object is to teach for high technology of Computer & Vocational training by means of minimum fees. Our main motto is to spread ISCE branches all the district of every state of India. Those who are deprived off learning Computer & Vocational training for want of money are usually disqualified in the field of employment of Govt. and privet sector. This is why we have desired to help the poor fellows to trained the high technology of Computer & Vocational training it is our main goal. The courses of ISCE are arranged serially in scientifically well as in modern ways, except this high level faculty, friendly Environment, the advantage of cooperation, high profile infrastructure the opportunity off 100% practical is available in all the center of ISCE. Only the necessity of the students will be observed by us. Cooperates from all the corners is solicited.


Director's Message

It will surely not be an exaggeration if we ascribe our present age as the era of the ‘Information Technology’ .The fact that the main part use of Computer in Study business service and even In our day to day life cannot be denied at all .In a nut shell, computer has become a part and parcel in Our life. But now a day’s getting computer training at a higher level is too expensive. Several institutions exhibiting only out ward infrastructure fix the course fees so high that a common person belonging to middle class section of society cannot afford of a profitable course.

Hence, considering the common people particularly of the people in villages or in towns from different parts of India ISCE has started its journey.

The government of India dreams to educate all the people of villages and towns technically, we also Have started our journey having the same goal. Firstly all the courses of ours are job-oriented modernized and the course fees are wholly under the grip of common people. Besides we have taken resolution to launch a course on IT free of cost.

At last the Indian government approved(An Autonomous institute Under the Public Trust Act & Enrolled In C . R. Act- 1957 (MHRD ) ,GOVT. OF INDIA) Indian Standard Computer Education (ISCE)’s main motto to give high quality education in friendly Atmosphere uplift the youth in technology.

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